Frequently Asked Questions

efii is a worldwide platform that encourages users to make a living by doing what they love and enjoy doing the most. At its core, efii is a location based freelance marketplace where users can easily find people who offer freelance services like educators, instructors, coaches, trainers, tutors, teachers, and any other type of freelance service. The benefit offered by efii is that users can easily view and connect with freelancers in their particular area. Not only does that bring in front a delightful new way to learn about people in your area, but you also get to have a stellar set of results each time you use it. Whether you are in London, New York, Mumbai or any other location- there are not geographic restrictions on using efii, and you can use efii wherever you are to share your skills and talent.

Browse through over twenty categories or explore through the main screen to find nearby services of interest to you. You can use efii to advertise your services to nearby users, or publish a request for a service to be performed.

efii— educators. freelancers. instructors. near me.

efii is perfect for anybody with a skillset or talent located anywhere. We encourage our users to monetize their passion by using efii. Are you a freelancer of any kind, an educator— such as an algebra or physics tutor at high school level, or perhaps an economics tutor at college level, an instructor— a fitness coach or a personal trainer, or maybe a yoga instructor? Whether you are any of the above or you are looking to find one near you, download efii now and give it a try!

With a growing community of users and posts, there are tons of professionals and talented freelancers to connect with on efii. It doesn’t matter what freelance service you are looking for— efii provides limitless opportunities to all its users, and you will most likely be able to find the right freelancer for your required job. Whether you are offering a freelance service, or looking for one, the benefit of efii is that users are able to find professionals that work in their local area and they can decide whether the service is delivered offline or not and when will that happen!

We created efii with a single purpose, and that is to help people connect with those persons who offer freelance services locally — fast and at reasonable prices. efii brings in front a lot of solutions when you need professional help within your local area. Anyone that needs offline freelance services delivered with quality and promptitude will be able to use efii.

Online and digital technologies have made finding jobs and working on tasks and projects significantly easier and more convenient. However, there are tasks, jobs, or projects that are ideally performed offline, locally and not virtually. For example; it is more convenient and ideal to learn a new sport, dance, or how to play a music instrument in person by having your instructor present, rather than virtually by watching online videos. Moreover, services such as modeling, photography, and fine arts are ideally performed offline and locally.

With efii, we are introducing a new way of working by combining online and digital technologies with your local community to create a local freelance marketplace where users can locate, request, hire, and perform freelance jobs and services nearby.

- It's free
- Minimalistic, friendly and extremely easy-to-use interface
- Growing community of users and posts provides limitless opportunities.
- Over 20 different categories to choose from
- Get any local task done in no time

efii is a platform that connects users with potential clients or freelancers. The kind of work/project that can be done on efii depends on you and your skillset. The main principle of efii is to empower independent professional and freelance work, and help users who are seeking online, offline, or onshore local jobs connect and collaborate locally with users, professionals, and freelancers available nearby. We encourage our users to use efii to share their skills and talent, explore local freelancers and professionals, and find freelance jobs. The type of freelance services or jobs that can be offered on efii ranges from teaching to coaching to tutoring to performing home services. Some examples of the freelance services that you can be offered on efii are:

As a local freelancer or professional seeking to find freelance jobs you can:

- Advertise and share your skill within your local community.
- Get connected with nearby users who are seeking the freelance services you offer.
- As a photographer, you can offer your photography services, which may include private photo shoots, photography classes or photography coverage of special events and occasions.
- As a music instructor, you can offer your music-related tutoring services for nearby users.

As a user, you can use efii to find a freelancer such as:

- A local handyman professional to help with masonry works.
- A tennis coach,  fitness instructor, personal trainer, or a yoga instructor to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.
- A music instructor to help you learn how to play a music instrument, or an arts teacher to help you learn how to paint or draw.
- A nearby makeup artist, hair stylist, model, fashion designer, or photographer for an upcoming photoshoot or special occasion. 
- Nearby teachers or tutors who offer private tutoring classes. Whether you are a parent looking to find a private tutor for their child or college student for a more experienced subject specific tutor, efii can help you find one.

If you are a freelancer who is looking to offer a service on efii, all you need to get started is a computer (or a mobile phone if you are using the efii freelancer app), Internet connection, and amazing skills.

Your next step is creating an account on efii to showcase your skills and talent. Freelancers with more content on their profiles are have better chances of getting noticed, and eventually hired. Your profile should ideally highlight your professional skills, experience, education, portfolio and accomplishments. Once you have a strong profile, you can start offering your services to nearby users by submitting your "offer" posts. Users interested in your service may get in touch with you by phone, email, or via the efii user-to-user chat service, depending on the communication method you have enabled when submitting your "offer" post.

If you are looking for a freelancer or a specific job or service on efii, you can simply post a request to notify nearby users of the service you are looking for. Potential freelancers and/or service providers may get in touch with you by phone, email, or via the efii user-to-user chat service, depending on the communication method you have enabled when submitting your "request" post.

You can use efii anywhere in the world by accessing efii's web-based freelance marketplace at, or by downloading the efii freelancer app available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

You are in control - as efii is a location based freelance marketplace, and mainly works by locating users and posts that are near you, you may set the maximum distance of posts you want to view. Explore, search, and browse efii to find the service you're looking for, within your set maximum distance according to your current location. And the great thing is that as long as you choose the desired search area, you will find skilled freelancers within just a few streets or blocks from your current location.