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Hi there, I am a professional resume writer for the following industries... 1. Marketing 2. Sales 3. Journalism 4. Nursing 5. Administration 6. Business (Retail/Fast/Food) 7. Finance I charge Rs.2000 per resume, 500 per cover letter, and will do a phone consultation for If you send me your resume, I will review it. If I believe I am a good match for your document, I require half of the money up front. We will have 1 week to correspond via email regarding any revisions you may want done to the documents and I will advise you of what would be best. Ultimately, the final decisions are up to you. After the week-long revision period ends, I will expect the final half of the payment. Revision periods are one week long, NO EXCEPTIONS! I will provide 2 courtesy follow-up emails on day 2 and day 4 if I have not heard from you. If you fail to respond or send me revision notes in time, I will still expect the second half of the payment at the end of the week. You can purchase an additional week of revisions for Rs 1000. Serious inquiries only. Satisfaction guaranteed! Email your resume to zeenatnoor68@gmail.com. Payments will be accepted through any banking source.

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